How To Become An X-Ray Technician – Skills and Requirements

There is a huge demand of X-ray technicians in dental as well as medical practices, hospitals and diagnostic centers. If you want to know how to become an X-ray technician and its job description then read on.    


The X-ray tech usually perform his or her duties as radiology technician or radiologic technologists and they work in laboratories, doctor’s offices and diagnostic centers. To get the patients prepared for X-ray, as well as developing those X-ray films for diagnosis is the primary duty of the technicians.  

You need to get specialized in particular practices if you want to become a skillful x-ray technician. This may include mammography, CAT scan, MRI and fluoroscopic imaging etc.

Training required

The requirements for how to become an X-ray technician are that the technician should be having associate or bachelors degree that is of one to four years program. The one-year program best suits those professional who aim to enhance their medical skills and knowledge and are already working in the field of healthcare.

There is another two-year program. For this, the students are required to complete the program (2 year) and pass the ARRT exams. In order to maintain the certification the students should complete after every two hours 24 continuous credits. If you want be specialized in angiography and CT scanning then additional education and training is required.

Career Prospects

How to become an x-ray technician is of very importance for those who have just started their career as a technician. By 2016, it is expected these jobs will grow by 15%. As compared to other industries, the 15% growth is very much higher.


The salary depends largely on the experience, specialization, geographical location and in which medical office they work.  In the US, the mean basic income for the x-ray tech ranges from $44900-$49500.  

These technicians help to the dentists and the doctors in the effective treatment of patients. The increase in salary and the growth rate is enhancing more awareness for how to become an x-ray technician.

Skills required

If you want to know how to become an x-ray technician, then you should have certain skills and qualities, which are necessary to perform the duties:

  • The technician should really be very much concern about the patients. He should be able to work as a team member and always pay attention to the duties and roles to be performed by him.
  • After having training, you are able to serve as an instructor in a radiologic program and have experience in the relevant field.
  • You could be an experienced x-ray technician to a CT/MRI tech within 1 year if you enroll in a program ad specialize the skills as x-ray tech.

How to become an x-ray technician requires that an individual should possess necessary skills and abilities for the job. He should also meet the basic requirements for becoming the x-ray technician and along with this, some training is required.

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